12 Days to find love...

December 13, 2017.

Blue Marlin has worked with the BAFTA-winning writer and director Ray Harrison-Graham to create a touching Christmas drama – 12 Days.

After Jamie lets Hannah down on their special day, they agree to a challenge which will help to prove their love for one another.

Much of the drama was filmed last winter in and around London. It tells the story of a young Deaf couple who meet for a romantic picnic, only to argue when Jamie is late – again. The row leads to a challenge – 12 days without technology and they must meet up and be on time. The penalty for being late is to run around the bandstand three times – naked! And they have to find a traditional Christmas gift for one another. On their way to meet up 12 days later they each meet someone who helps them understand the meaning of love… But will they be on time ? And will they be celebrating Christmas together?

The programme airs on 21st December, Christmas Day and Boxing Day.

photo by Paul Fuller

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