Ainsley's Caribbean Kitchen

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Ainsley’s Caribbean Kitchen

TV Chef Ainsley Harriott takes a trip across the Caribbean in his new show Ainsley’s Caribbean Kitchen. He visits the islands that have inspired his cooking from an early age. His destinations are Jamaica, Trinidad, Tobago, Grenada, Barbados, St Lucia, Dominica and Antigua. Join Ainsley as he serves up amazing sunshine fuelled food!


Episode 1 – Jamaica

Ainsley’s first stop is Jamaica, the island where his father grew up, to re-discover the country that has long been linked to great food, music and culture.

Episode 2 – Jamaica

Carrying on his Caribbean adventure in Jamaica, Ainsley takes to the water of the Martha Brae river to learn about the area and the experience the beauty of the river.

Episode 3 – Trinidad

Ainsley’s Caribbean Kitchen heads to Trinidad, where a melting pot of cuisines and cultures awaits him.

Episode 4 – Tobago

In this episode Ainsley takes the 20 minute plane trip to the island of Tobago, where seafood is king!

Episode 5 – Grenada

Ainsley’s Caribbean adventure continues on Grenada, known as The Spice Island.


Episode 6 – Barbados

In this episode, Ainsley is on an island that is close to his heart, and one he’s visited many times – Barbados.

Episode 7 – St Lucia

The beautiful island of St Lucia is the next stop for Ainsley’s Caribbean Kitchen. What better way to appreciate the island than by seeing it by boat.

Episode 8 – Dominica

This week, Ainsley travels to Dominica, Natures Island. The wild rainforests of Dominica hide many waterfalls and rivers. Ainsley takes a trip to its most famous waterfall, the Emerald Pool.

Episode 9 – Antigua

The penultimate episode sees Ainsley travel to Antigua, to experience the island of sea and sun.

Episode 10 – Antigua

As Ainsley’s adventure in the Caribbean draws to a close – he’s saved the best for last!


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